Everything You Need To Know

About Firelane Codes

Fire Lane codes differ from county to county and city to city.  Generally, local fire lane codes are based upon the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes & Standards and upon the International Fire Code.  Local Fire Marshals have the authority to adopt and enforce codes based upon local laws, codes and regulations.  Please contact SMR Striping at info@smrstriping.com or 281-467-6707 to discuss you project and we can help you determine which fire lane codes may be applicable to your location.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office
2247 N First St., Ste.#200
Conroe, TX 77301



Section 503.1.1 Access to Buildings by Fire Apparatus

An approved fire apparatus road shall extend to within 150 feet of all portions of a facility and its exterior walls. Larger buildings may require more than one approved apparatus road.

Section 503.2 Specifications

(a) All buildings within Montgomery County shall have adequate access for fire department apparatus. The building owner or tenant shall designate fire lanes, with Fire Marshal approval. In no case shall a fire lane be less than twenty (20) feet wide, or 28 feet wide in curves, with a vertical clearance of less than thirteen (13) feet six, (6) inches.

(b) All fire lanes shall be posted and marked by the building owner or tenant. Fire lanes may be marked using signs, pavement markings, curb markings or a combination thereof with the following specifications:

(1) Signs. Signs shall read “FIRE LANE – NO PARKING” and shall be at least twelve (12) inches wide and eighteen (18) inches high. Signs shall be painted on a white background with letters and borders in red, using not less than two-inch lettering. Signs shall be permanently affixed to a stationary post, and installed six (6) feet, six (6) inches above the finished grade. Signs should be spaced no more than 50 feet apart. Signs may be installed on permanent buildings or walls.

(2) Pavement Markings. All pavement markings shall be installed using red and white traffic paint. The boundaries of the fire lane shall be identified by red stripes at least six (6) inches wide. The words “FIRE LANE – NO PARKING” shall appear in four inch white letters at no more than twenty-five (25) foot alternating intervals on the red border markings.

(3) Curb Markings. Curb markings shall be painted in red traffic paint from the top seam of the curb to a point even with the driving surface. The words “FIRE LANE – NO PARKING” shall appear in four inch white letters at no more than 25 foot intervals along the curb.

What You Must Do

  • Submit a simple diagram (with dimensions) of the property to the Fire Marshal’s Office.
  • Mark fire lanes as directed by the County Fire Code (2006 IFC)

Additional Responsibility: Owner / Tenant

Section 503.3 and 503.4 Marking and Obstruction

  • Maintain fire lane markings, signage
  • Ensure that fire lanes are kept free of obstructions (vehicles) at all times.

In order to maintain fire lanes, an owner or tenant may choose to designate Fire Lane Tow Away Zones. In order to do so, Texas State Law requires that in addition to adding the Tow Away Zone designation to fire lane marking and signs, the owner or tenant must comply with Texas Towing Regulations.