Paint Striping Services & More!

From Striping to Pot Holes – We Do It All

Whether you own a commercial property or run an educational institution. Whether you’re a homeowner or work for a municipality… SMR Paint Striping services based out of Houston TX can assist you with all of your paint striping services needs! We offer a wide array of parking lot maintenance services. We like to think of ourselves as your one-stop-shop for all-things parking lot! From striping, to complex lettering and stenciling, to coating and pressure washing. We do it all. Take a look at our service offerings below to learn more! Don’t see your need listed below? Don’t worry! Just contact us today and ask if we do it!

Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping Services Houston TX

Parking lot striping is very important in designating parking spaces, handicap spaces, and areas of no parking. It protects your business customers by insuring their safety as well as their vehicles


SMR Striping - Stencils

Stencils also insures customer safety by traffic directional arrows, customer parking areas, employee parking areas, fire lanes, or anything that a business owner wishes to display to their customers.


SMR Striping - Asphalt

We repair asphalt pot holes, seal coating, or asphalt overlay. Asphalt overlay will take your parking lot back to Brand New Appearance!

Sign Installation

Warning tow away zone sign on blue sky

Sign installation is important for parking lots to direct customer traffic to areas such as “HANDICAP PARKING”, “NO PARKING”, and “STOP”. We also can make custom traffic signs.

Car Stops

SMR Striping - Car Stops

We can install and paint concrete car stops for our customers at an affordable rate. We also paint them as needed.

Fire Lane

No Parking Fire Lane Curb

Your fire lane will differ from city to city and county to county. Please go to to view codes within your business area. Read more about our fire lane services here.

Pressure Washing

SMR Striping - Pressure Washing

A parking lot needs to be cleaned when debris is adhered to the surface that a sweeper cannot remove. Also to assure your customer’s safety, oil needs to be removed from your parking lot through hot water and detergent pressure washing. Lines can also be removed with pressure washing to create a new layout in your parking lot.

Speed Bumps

Just painted stripes on a speed bump for slowing traffic near school. Freshly painted speed bump. Selective focus.

Speed bump installation. Asphalt speed bumps are the most common. They can be customized to your needs and traffic. They can be set at a higher depth or lowered for low clearance vehicles such as sports cars. We also install rubber and plastic speed bumps.

Handicap & ADA

Handicapped Parking Space at Business Location Parking Lot

Handicap stalls, access lanes with cross hatching, crosswalks, and painted ramps are all part of ADA striping that our company does to ensure the safety of people using handicap parking areas. Please refer to our page on ADA CODES.